Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MexiBBQ's Brunch Goodies

This past weekend, I had the great fun of attending a lovely birthday brunch for my friend Jenny at MexiBBQ.  A bunch of us ladies (and one gentleman) came out to enjoy some yummy brunch treats with a BBQ twist.  I adore this style of food, and haven't yet tried MexiBBQ's version, so I was curious to see how they'd stack up.  Overall, they did pretty well, even despite that it was way crowded on a football Sunday, when half of Astoria is in one place.  

Since there were plenty of tantalizing things on the menu, my sister-in-law Diana and I got a dish each and shared them, which proved to be a fruitful strategy. Here's what we tried:

Hangover Cure - Delighted to notice chilaquiles on the menu, I had to try MexiBBQ's version, as I wanted to to see how they'd stack up next to mine.  They totally rocked it, as the tortillas were the perfect amount of crispy and soft (the chilaquiles I made were just soft), and dressed with a combo of salsa verde and salsa roja, sliced grilled chicken and chorizo.  The latter ingredient had a hint of spice to it, which was great, but that was also dulled out a bit by the silky eggs that topped this thing.  I loved breaking the yolk and letting it seep into every crevice of this dish.  Rockin!

Shrimp and Biscuits - Diana had her eyes on this dish as did I, so we shared.  Slathered in a hearty sausage gravy, this was no light bite, but it was great in small quantities.  The shrimp was cooked well, but in my opinion was breaded a little too much - I would've liked something a little softer on the gums - while the biscuits were buttery and tender and just like they should be.  It was a fun-to-try dish but I'm not sure I'd order it next time.

Service and Cost:
Despite the restaurant being really busy, the service didn't suffer at all and everything was brought out really quickly.  Drinks kept flowing nicely, especially for the ladies who chose the unlimited mimosa option.  Kudos to the good staff at MexiBBQ!

Costs are affordable and set us back about $10-$16 for a brunch entree and then an $11 extra if you went with the unlimited mimosa option.

Haaapppy Birthday Jenny!

2.5 Mmmms

MexiBBQ - 37-11 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
N/Q Train to 30th Avenue

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