Thursday, March 17, 2011

QueensSwap Coming to Your Favorite Borough

Image by Meg Cotner

Ever heard of the expression "what's old is new again?" Words to live by, I think, as I often find myself falling in love with something old, refurbished, recycled, vintage - whatever you want to call it.  We know that the old but good comes back to us in all aspects of life including in ways of thinking, fashion, speech, music & art, and undoubtedly with food.  And that's why I'm here to tell you about an old idea of food barter, which developed into a new concept that I think you'll enjoy.  It's called QueensSwap.

What's QueensSwap?
QueensSwap is a bi-monthly event that brings together passionate food enthusiasts, bakers, cooks, foragers (I think you get the hint) to barter (or swap) quality, homemade foods.  The primary mission of the group is to not only share in the communal bounty of our culinarily rich region, but to also introduce each other to new tastes, smells, cuisines - and to meet one another.

Who's Behind QueensSwap?
Inspired by the passion of my good friend and We Heart Astoria colleague, Meg, QueensSwap is a harmonious collaboration between three ambitious and food obsessed women:

MEG, writer of Harmonious Belly blog, We Heart Astoria blog, and a staunch believer in the slow foods movement

CHARLENE, founder and editor of The Redhead Said, strategy extraudinaire and passionate baker

ME, your Foodista. I won't talk about myself - that would be embarrasing :)

Meg's inspiration behind this group came from the BK Swappers who run a successful food swap program in Brooklyn.  Run by two awesome chicas, Brooklyn Homesteader's, Meg Paska and The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking, Kate Payne the group has been around since last year, holding a handful of wonderful events, the next one happening in April

To find out about the intricacies behind food swapping, check out this recent New York Times article.

When Will QueensSwap Start?
Our very first food swap event will take place this May.  Location and details to come, but get ready because it's going to be awesome and filled with lots of goodies.

How Do I Find Out More About QueensSwap?
Follow our steady progress on:


and a website that's coming soon

Excited for you to join us!  In the meantime, please chime in and tell us about the foods you'd love to swap. We're all ears...

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