Thursday, January 6, 2011

Leftovers-Stuffed Peppers

Mmmm...I love anything stuffed.  Stuffed mushrooms, stuffed cabbage (my mom's and grandmother's specialty), stuffed crab, stuffed chicken...and also stuffed peppers.  I made them only one other time before and was quite happy with the results.  That's why when I saw an easy and attractive-looking recipe for ragu stuffed red peppers, I was motivated to try it.  The "ragu" part called for leftover red sauce, but since we didn't have this in the house, I ended up just buying a good quality version in the grocery store.  We did however, have all the other ingredients such as chopped meat from leftover turkey meatloaf, golden raisins, cous-cous and cheese.

The toughest part of the recipe was cleaning the peppers and taking out the seeds, which if you've done it before know that it's not that difficult.  I loved all the beautiful colors in this dish, and suggest getting different colored peppers to enhance your visual experience.  As you can see, I stuck with red and yellow, but might mix in green peppers too next time. 

Dan and my in-laws loved the finished product and could hardly believe that it all came from leftovers.  We each had two pepper halves along with some salad, sweet potatoes, carrots and celery that we had from the night before.  The meal was not only filling, but healthful too.  Let me know if you try it and the fun alterations you make to it.

Ragu Stuffed Peppers Recipe


  1. Looks amazing, dear Foodista, and I know that it was delicious too.

  2. Thank you - they were very yummy :)



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