Sunday, June 14, 2009

La Papa - Veggie Papa-licious

Not long after mentioning the opening of La Papa baked potato bar, I decided to try it. Quite a meal, for a mere $6, I'd recommend it for a quick dinner or a hearty lunch.

La Papa occupies the old Pastalicious space, and not much has changed. The dining area is small and like Pastalicious, it's better suited for an impromptu meal or take-out rather than for a sit-down.

I like the festive Turkish music, influenced by the owners' heritage. The decor is playful with an oversized stuffed potato greeting you out front, and fun vibrant colors used throughout the establishment.

I chose the vegetarian papa because it seemed like the lightest option. They offer plenty of meat variations as well and you can choose virtually any combination that you could conjure up from the 18 or so offered toppings.

Vegetarian Papa - My veggie potato included the following: corn, Russian salad, green olives, beets and mushrooms. The combination was delicious but what I liked best was the oversized potato, whose contents were mashed with olive oil and kasseri cheese. The mashed guts were pureed so carefully that you couldn't find any inconsistent lumpy parts, and the overall mixture was extremely moist and creamy. The mushrooms were my favorite, as they added a meaty texture to the dish, despite it being vegetarian. I was nice and full after finishing my portion, with about half to spare--this is more than enough for a dinner serving.

Service and Cost:
My server was friendly, welcoming and quick to prepare my potato. Since I was the only one there at the time, my potato was done in about 3 minutes - quick, easy and effortless.

The entire dish cost $6 and with tax $6.50, which is a deal for a satisfying dinner. I can't wait to check out their other options.

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  1. I'm excited to see this new place- I walked by it today. In London "Jacket potato" stands litter the sidewalks as hotdog stands do in NYC. So much healthier than mystery meat...Can't wait to try it!

  2. It's yummy - enjoy. I liked the veggie potato a lot. Want to try something meat based next time.



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