Sunday, June 22, 2008

Foodista in the New York Times

Image by Kate Glicksberg for The New York Times. Logo by The New York Times,

Hi Foodista Readers,

This post is a shameless plug for some great coverage that I received today in the New York Times. Yes people, I'm talking about one of the most-read newspapers in the country. Ehem, modesty, modesty...I have to remember.

In addition to mentioning yours truly in the first paragraph, the article, written by Debby Baldwin is a great--and very informative--piece about our beloved Astoria. It talks about its diversity, convenience and let's not forget the amazing food.

Check it out online here and if you happen to have the actual paper, it's in the Real Estate Section--where it looks so much cooler! Enjoy and thank you all for your support and continued readership.

All my delicious best,

The Foodista



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