Friday, June 6, 2008

Bistro 33 and Fatty's - Astorians Hang Out (and Eat Burgers)

I went to the Bistro 33 Beer and Burger Birthday Bash last night with Dan. I was really looking forward to it but wasn't prepared for the large number of people that would be there. We saw a big crowd from blocks away and once we got there, it was one big party. Everyone had a beer in their hand, a friend by their side and a smile on their face. I didn't see any food but the beer was flowing.

I asked one of the waitresses about the food situation and she mentioned that the burgers disappeared after the first hour and half. Dan and I got there close to 8p so it was tough luck for us--we'd have to get our burger binge somewhere else. And we did.

We ended up going to no other than Fatty's Cafe just a few blocks down. They're known for their burgers and we were both craving, so burgers we got. I ordered the Charity Burger with Angus beef, sliced avocados, garlic aioli and anejo rum ketchup. It was awesome and definitely satisfied my burning burger desire--it was meaty, tangy and had a distinct kick from the rum ketchup. The avocados were good and once I sandwiched the burger patty in between the bread, they blended in with the other ingredients and had a lovely buttery, almost creamy consistency. I'd definitely get this dish again and would recommend it if you're particularly ravenous--the portion is big.

Dan and I got a side of tostones or flattened, fried plantains with a delicious garlic sauce. For those of you who've never had these, I urge you to try them--they're better than French fries and you'll enjoy longer chew time because of their wide oval shape.

The evening turned out to be quite eventful--we joined in the birthday celebration of our favorite and not so 'lil' anymore Bistro 33 and we ended up enjoying quality burger meat just a few doors down. Overall I'd say that the night was solid.

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