Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ron's Ice Cream - Vote Now!

Kimberly's dear friend Julie has a great family business, owned by her dad Ron, which is getting some media attention. Ron is in the business of homemade gourmet ice-cream and he happens to be one of the finalists of GMA's The Best Scoops in America competition. The voting has begun and goes on until tomorrow end of day.

Check out Ron's story and his multitude of amazing flavors such as the signature Brownie Nut and Creamy Vanilla. The shop also doubles up as a candlepin bowling alley--how neat is that? It's nice when family businesses get well-deserved clout and this one should take the crown, in my opinion. To learn more about Ron's click here and to vote now, click here.

I also learned that Ron has a very famous fan--Hillary Clinton. Rumor has it that back in the 90's, she sent the Secret Service in to get her own private stash of the sweet stuff. Now that's big!

Ron's is located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts right outside of Boston. And while I swore that I wouldn't cover that damn city anytime soon, it's for a good cause and for a nice person, so forgive me.

Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream & 20th Century Bowling
1231 Hyde Park Avenue
Hyde Park, MA 02136


  1. Thanks so much Judith! Your support means some much!

  2. Anytime, like I said, nice people :)



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