Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dessert Truck - A Fun Mobile Treat

The Dessert Truck - 8th and University Place, NY, NY 10003
R/W Train at 8th Street or 6 to Astor Place

I've been dying to try the Dessert Truck ever since I heard about it a couple of months ago. I attempted to buy their treats in the past, but it so happens that the day I went it rained horribly and the truck did not show up. But today I got lucky. My cousin Willie and I had a great experience here and you can be sure that we'll be going back for seconds and thirds. Here's the scoop about this fabulous mobile sensation.

How it Started: A Classic American Dream
Boy loves to bake. Boy becomes pastry sous chef at premium NY restaurant (Le Cirque). Boy talks to friend (MBA student) about new mobile food concept. Boy and friend start the Dessert Truck and feed hungry, sweet-toothed Manhattanites. New Yorkers are happy (including boy and friend).

The Concept and Menu:
Co-owners Jerome Chang (former pastry sous chef at Le Cirque) and Chris Chen (a current MBA student at Columbia) have a clear mission: "to bring desserts from the world of fine-dining into the realm of everyday enjoyment." They use top-notch ingredients and it shows. The chocolate is silky and the vanilla custard is as light as can be. The menu is limited but satisfies the most discerning palates--from homemade deep-fried brioche to slow baked apples with cinnamon.

All desserts are $5 (tax included). Add $1 per scoop of freshly spun vanilla ice cream with any dessert. Sweet beverages like homemade hot chocolate go for $4 and they also sell chocolate bark for $3. You can't go wrong with these "university" prices.

What I Tried: The Chocolate Bread Pudding
I know what you must be thinking..."how could anyone screw up bread pudding?" But no, this is truly exceptional. It's spongy, luscious and incredibly chocolatey. Served with a decadent vanilla creme anglaise, you experience richness and luxury to the fullest. And you really get great value for $5--Dan, our friend Grant and I shared a single serving and felt satisfied. I highly recommend trying this dessert--it's deserving of my 3 Mmmms. You can even order it online in a family-sized portion; click here.

Hours of Operation:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 6p - Closing

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