Friday, November 30, 2007

Where in the World Is...A Great Map of Astoria?

Click on map to enlarge.
Map by Starrock Media:
Right here, right here.

I've been looking forever for a good--and resourceful--map to help you better understand the locations that I tell you about. I found this awesome map of Astoria at the most unexpected time and place--when I was getting my new glasses at Vardiman Eyewear.

The map highlights almost all of Astoria--or the most popular parts with great restaurants. Take a look and feel free to use. Some eateries highlighted here:

1. Fatty's Cafe - I've written about this place a lot! See my reviews.

2. Crescent & Vine - Cool wine bar right next door to Fatty's.

3. Cafe Triskell - French Creperie--never been but can't wait to try!

4. 718 Restaurant - Another Frenchie spot, see my review.

5. Hell Gate Social - Never heard of it but looks awesome.

6. Mundo 31 - Great intimate spot, see my review.

7. Cafe Bar - Hip art deco cafe with good food--owner is friends with owner of Mundo 31.

8. Il Bambino - Small, casual cafe serving cappuccinos and panninis.

9. Brick Cafe - Charming corner cafe with great outdoor seating, see my review.

10. Wave Thai - My favorite Thai place in Astoria, see my review

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