Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Two Lovely Portland Desserts - Cookie + Macaron

Since I've been on doctor's orders to "eat more" (yes, I'm eating for two), it's been fun getting my dose of desserts.  Although I've been trying to do it responsibly and not overindulge too much, I've been having fun trying out Portland's Downtown bakeries and coffee shops.  Here, I'd love to highlight two recent treats I've had at Courier Coffee and Pearl Bakery.

Courier Coffee:
Known as a "cult" coffee shop around town, this cash only establishment serves carefully brewed and poured coffee and delicious baked goods to boot.  I've heard a lot about their homemade cookies and on occasion wanted to try them to no avail - they sell out quickly!  My luck changed the other day though, as I came in and noticed a modest stack of these dark chocolate beauties on their counter.

Dark Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookies - The fact that these are made with super dark chocolate chips was a big draw for me.  The texture looks crunchy on the outside but once you break the cookie open, it reveals a chewy inside and it's fantastic.  There's a distinct dusting of sea salt on top that just brings out the flavors in this already tasty cookie.  One suggestion I'd have is for the staff to warm it up before serving it to customers, as I think it'd bring it up a notch further.  However at just $1 a piece, the cookie boasts great value that's rare to find in the surrounding fancy coffee shops downtown.

Courier Coffee - 923 SW Oak Street, Portland OR 97205

Pearl Bakery:
Another quintessentially Portlandian haunt, the Pearl Bakery ranks high on charm, atmosphere and expertly made treats.  Its location is straddled between the SW and the trendy NW, which is part of its draw.  The inside is spacious and filled to the brim with classically made French-style treats such as croissants, macarons, galettes, tartes and such. One look at the French macarons, and I knew I had to experience them first hand:

Ginger Peach Macaron - Finding this flavor very interesting and unusual, I was eager to give it a try.  Its overall appearance was a lot bigger and fluffier than a traditional macaron, but the flavor and texture were spot on.  Loving the way the meringue crumbled into your mouth and the silkiness of the peach filling, it made for a few delicious bites instead of disappearing in just a few short seconds.  A useful tip for you macaron lovers would be to visit the bakery earlier in the morning when they have a bigger selection of flavors.

Pearl Bakery - 102 NW 9th Avenue, Portland OR 97209

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