Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bing Me! Yes, Please!

On the topic of food carts, I must also tell you about last week's morning excursion to the
Bing Me, Chinese crepe cart
with my co-worker Molly.  I pass by this food cart each day on my way to work and have noticed people always standing by waiting to order.  Since it's so early in the morning, I always marvel at this, wondering what this place is all about, but I haven't stopped in to explore.  Well that all changed last week and I must say that I'll definitely be back soon.

About Bing Me Portland:

Specializing in this Northern Chinese crepe, just like at The Whole Bowl, there's just one thing on the menu.  Apparently they get really busy during lunch hours so your best bet is to try them in the early morning hours (they open at 7:30 a.m.), which is exactly what we did.  It only takes about 5 short minutes to prepare the crepe and it's best when eaten fresh.  Located in the prime food cart area in Downtown Portland on 9th Avenue between Alder Street and and Washington Street, the cart is hard to miss and makes for a great pit stop when touring Portland or for locals who are going about their day.

Jian Bing Crepe:
Never having anything like it, the Jian Bing crepe is all sorts of delicious.  Made of really thin pancake batter with some black bean paste, you'll encounter all sorts of textures when biting into this thing including both soft and crunchy.  The latter comes from a fried cracker that's placed in between the layers of the crepe, giving it an added element of surprise.  An eggy inside gives it that breakfast sandwich quality, which went a long way before the workday began, and you also get all sorts of flavor from the fresh herbs such as the lemony cilantro.  The only sort of off-putting experience is the smell of the hoisin sauce they put inside, but rest assured that it tastes great.

Service and Cost:

Lovely, hospitable service continued to grace us at this cart, as we were served with a smile and some expert advice (to eat the Bings as soon as possible!).  Since there wasn't yet a long line forming, we were in and out of there in about 7 short minutes, which was stellar.

Costs are totally awesome and worth every penny at just $6 for this delicious creation.

3 Mmmms

Bing Me Portland - SW 9th and Alder, Portland OR 97204
Red/Blue MAX line to Galleria Stop

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