Sunday, December 7, 2014

Homemade Gouda Bread Twists

As part of my getting immersed in the Portland food scene, I've joined a foodie meet-up group, which has helped me meet other like-minded foodies.  Our first get-together was just a few weeks ago at Pairings wine shop in the North East and it was a wonderful experience.  Since the event was technically a potluck, everyone had to bring a dish that would pair well with the Beaujolais wine that was to be tasted.

I decided to make my own homemade breadsticks, filled with smoked gouda cheese, fresh rosemary and walnuts.  The recipe I used actually called for blue cheese, but since I already had the gouda in my fridge, I decided to use of my existing ingredients.  It was a good choice too, as it made the flavors of the wine pop more and overall it was a good bite-sized snack that seemed to be a general crowd pleaser.  

For the dough, I used store bought puff pastry, which worked well.  The trick is to let it soften a little so it's easier to roll out, to avoid any breakage.  Feel free to substitute the cheese of your choice and eliminate the nuts if you so wish.  I think they added some nice toothsomeness to this chic snack.

Homemade cheese twist recipe, courtesy of Whole Foods.

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