Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bistro Les Minots - New Frenchie Spot

Bistro Les Minots - 47-16 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103

N/W Train to 30th Avenue or R/V/G Train to 46th Street

My colleague Meg from Joey in Astoria mentioned Bistro Les Minots last week and there's been a lot of buzz about it from neighborhood chefs. I decided to check it out and walked by last weekend. It looks nice yet unassuming. The menu seems rich in variety and holds true to its French roots. And the affordable $19.95 dinner prix-fixe has me fully intrigued.

Here's a sampling of the menu. The only draw-back is the location, as it's far from the subway. I intend to try it soon so I'll let you know if it's worth the hike to 47th street. Stay tuned...

Traditional French onion soup gratinee...$8

Hors D'oeurves
Traditional tart with hand cut Atlantic salmon, mango, cucumber, crispy ginger croutons, cilantro vinaigrette...$9/$15

Traditional tart with hand cut Angus beef with assorted condiments, egg yolk, greens. French fries are served with entree size...$9/$18

Warm onion tart with anchovies and black olives...$8
Escargot in puff pastry shell with garlic, parsley, shallots and red wine...$8
Homemade chef's terrine...P/A

Mussels - French fries served with large portion
Steamed mussels with garlic, shallots and parsley in a white wine sauce...$8/$15
Steamed mussels in dijon mustard sauce...$8/$15
Steamed mussels with Provencal herbs and spices in a tomato sauce...$8/$15

Roasted monkfish with broccoli rabe, fine herbs, tapenade and a sun-dried tomato pesto sauce...$17
Chicken rolls stuffed with seasonal vegetables and Gruyere in a rosemary jus...$15
Grilled sirloin steak served with French fries and Bernaise or green peppercorn sauce...$22
Pan seared duck breast with roasted pears and apples, braised red cabbage, dried cherry sauce...$17

Creme brulee...$6
Thin apple tart with caramel sauce...$6, +$1 for a la mode
Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream topped with hot chocolate sauce...$6

All I can say hungry are you?


  1. My husband and I went there for dinner last Sunday! It was really great. I commented about it on Joey.

  2. Cool stuff - can't wait to try it.

  3. I'm so happy to see more restaurants like this in this part of Astoria...mainly because I live 2 blocks away but also it shows that Astoria nightlife is expanding more and more east of Steinway st.

  4. It's only "far" if you don't live near it...but thousands of us do! We count, too!

    And really, it's only about a seven minute walk from the V/R/G 46th Street stop. That's hardly far. And it's a great way to work off the yummy French calories.

  5. Hi Anon,

    Everyone counts - don't get hasty :)
    Have you been yet? It's pretty good!



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