Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pinocchio is on Hiatus

My 30th Avenue Bureau Chief, Kimberly has informed me that our beloved Pinocchio Palace is undergoing some needed renovations. Exciting news but also a bit sad, considering that they will remain closed until May 9th. We're looking forward to a new and improved Pinocchio but in the meantime wait impatiently until we can sink our teeth into their delicious brick oven pizza and killer gyros.


  1. Could the timing be ant worse?? No one should move out of Astoria without a proper Pinochio pizza!

  2. Unbelievable...I've had so many good meals there! Hope they get back open soon.

  3. I was craving their pizza today and found out they were closed. sad!

    btw...were you at Akti on Friday night? I think I saw you and was going to say hi, but would have felt really dumb if it wasn't you. We really liked it!

  4. Hey! I was totally there on Friday night. Next time say hi so sure :-)



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